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About Space Today

May 28, 2021

Join Host David Denault for a Memorial Day Tribute in honor of the fallen in wars,  here and across the world.  Thank You! from all of us at About Space Today.

May 25, 2021

For the first time, a Canadian Astronaut will be part of Moon Mission.   The first crewed Artemis Mission will circle the Moon, much like NASA did with the Apollo 8 crew.  The next mission will land the first women and next man on the lunar surface in 2024.

May 21, 2021

Soon, the most impossible places on Earth will have access to the internet thanks to STARLINK.  Join Dawn Meyer and Elon Musk as he low-cost internet will be high-speed to even watch movies.  This will be an amazing accomplishment for everyone.

May 18, 2021

With the confirmation of the 14th NASA Administrator, a new Deputy Administrator has been named.  She is a former Space Shuttle astronaut.  Join Host David Denault as he introduces Pam Mallory. 

May 16, 2021

The new Host of America In Space is Dawn Meyer, a 28 year veteran of the Space Shuttle Program and has witnessed more than 128 launches.  Dawn is the Space Coast News Editor and will fill-in during Rick Potlock's extended medical absence.