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About Space Today

Aug 29, 2023

After last week's program, David Denault and the investigative team looking for answers about if there are Alien Protocols in place should be hear from E.T.  

Aug 25, 2023

Next in our manned crewed missions to the International Space Station, is Crew 7.  Join Dawn Meyer, Space Coast News Editor to meet the new ISS crew members. 

UFOs Over Canada Growing

Aug 22, 2023

Not only are we, in the U.S. seeing more UAPs or more commonly know as UFOs but Canada is experiencing at least three a day being reported. Join David Denault to find out what's happening across Canada.

Aug 18, 2023

The goal set by NASA is to return to the Moon and Beyond and that includes a planned landing on the Red Planet.  But the first soil and rock samples may arrive before they depart.  Join Dawn Meyer, Space Coast News Editor, as she shares an incredible mission ahead.

Aug 15, 2023

If you have listened the past two weeks,  About Space Today's investigation of UAPs or more commonly known as UFOs finds Evidence is Out There!  Join host David Denault and why more scientists say we are not alone and explore the strange symbols and liness of Peru.